Houston, We're Live!

I am very proud to announce to launch of Spreed:News today. Spreed:News is a mobile application that gives users a better reading experience on their mobile devices. The first version of our software will be available only through the iPhone. However, we will be working hard over the next month to offer both Windows Mobile and Blackberry solutions.

Using Spreed:News users can customize their news\blog feeds and read articles through the Spreed proprietary reader. Our proprietary reader organizes words in logical groupings that are easy for the brain to digest. By flashing these groupings, we are able to increase users reading speed and because there is no interaction necessary after the user chooses the article it is simple and easy to read the news on the go.

We are very excited to be releasing the the first of many products that Spreed has to offer. Please contact me (Dave Coleman) at dave@spreedinc.com , if you have any questions, comments or feedback.

For a copy of the press release documenting our launch click here and watch the demo of Spreed:News found below



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4 responses to “Houston, We're Live!

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  2. Hi Dave and the Team,

    Great to see that Spreed:News has now launched and I am both delighted for you (knowing how much work you have put in to this product) and delighted for the many thousands (if not millions) of readers who will benefit from this application.

    Keeping up to date is essential and with the huge number of options we have it has never been easier to stay well informed about just about anything.

    Of course therein lies much of the problem that many of us struggle to deal with – there is so much to read that getting overwhelmed is almost a matter of course if you aren’t prepared for it.

    What your product does is help cut down the time that people need to take when reading their news. Having seen it work myself, I am confident that the average reader (who at best will read about 200-300 words per minute) will be able to take their daily (hourly!) news fix at two or three times the rate they currently do – without even trying!!!

    Well done (and thank you).

    Whilst this is a HUGE step in the right direction, I think the next leap forward will be when you can create a desktop application that does the same for all of our e mail and documents…

    So enjoy the moment of this launch, savour the thrill of the creation and then GET BACK TO WORK because we readers want the upgrade NOW!!!!!


    Michael Tipper
    Speed Reading Specialist

  3. Michael

    Thanks so much for the kind words and the motivation to keep on trucking! We are very excited about the launch of Spreed, not just because we think it has vast implication for peoples every day reading, but because it is just the first of a slew of application we are planning on rolling out. Can your eyes open as we continue to roll out more features and new products in the coming weeks and months.

    Thanks again


  4. Way to go Dave and Team!

    Awesome work. So happy to see your efforts come through with a great service.


    Renée Warren

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