This makes no sense

Why don’t I write a blog? People keep asking me that question and I have more recently been asking myself the same question. I usually answer myself and most other people that I already post my thoughts and comments on facebook, YouTube, twitter and flickr, where my friends eyeballs are already directed. And, I am not a huge fan of big random blog rants. Some could call me more of a traditionalist in that I like to find very ineresting links, documents and unique correspondeces and simply share them with my friends with maybe a couple of lines outlining my personal take on the subject.

So why am I starting a blog now? Well I have a passion for entrepreneurship, trend hunting, consumer behaviour, online business practices, innovation and all things ‘awesome’. My personal network has enjoyed some of what I have shared with them and I am now going to see who else is willing to listen and interact.

My background: I am a young and enthusiastic web entrepreneur. I have worked with a number of startups here in toronto and am always on the go looking for the next big Idea. My passion is commercialization and innovation, especially when it has to do with technology and pop culture.


As the weeks turn into months and months into years, I will be adding more contributors to the blog. My goal is to keep it along the lines of entrepreneurship, trend hunting, online business practices, consumer behaviour, innovation and ‘awesomeness’, however I plan to bring in contributors from a variety of industries. All of the contributers will be under 30, highly involved in their industry and will all be out of the box thinkers.

I hope you enjoy the read


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