The Beauty of the iPhone

Some of my close friends may know that I recently purchased an iPhone. Although I have been having some major issues with call quality and microphone consistency, I did get to really see the beauty of it today.

I am sitting in the doctors office right now (don’t worry nothing serious). Usually I sit here bored, twiddling my fingers and reading old magazine articles that mean nothing to me. However, in the past 45 minutes of waiting I have caught up on all my email, made a number of calls, read all my unread news articles, found an article I want to write about tomorrow, checked the baseball scores from the weekend and am writing this post to you all now.

This truly is productivity at it’s finest. The iPhone is an exceptionally verstile machine and for that reason, I call it a thing of beauty.



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2 responses to “The Beauty of the iPhone

  1. Renee

    Dave, I dont know if I will ever experience the iPhone…following with my principals…I will only own the iPhone if it is given to me. But I do hope that someday I can enjoy everything you have just discussed. Someday.

  2. Make you iPhone just that much better… Turn Your iPhone into a Wireless Modem

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