Why Should We Listen to our Community?

  • Community is big these days. You’ll hear lots of designers tell you that it’s important to build a strong community and listen to them, because they are your core users. And I agree with that.

    But in UI design it’s important to understand that what a user says and what a user is telling you can be two different things.



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3 responses to “Why Should We Listen to our Community?

  1. Dave, thanks for the mention. Community feedback is an interesting topic. Without it we cannot remain relevant. We can build software or products and occasionally succeed at selling them, however to sustain usage and growth we need to evolve and reshape based on what the customer says.

    There is great research to read on living and open systems that help build on your thinking

  2. No worries Mark, more than happy to chat about Brainpark on here. For all those that do not know, Brainpark is new online corporate knowledgebase software. Very innovative and very sleak. For those who are interested in how it works check out http://www.brainpark.com for some of their promotional videos.

    re: Community; we need to be careful we do not grow in the wrong direction. Or, in a direction that cuts us off from future opportunities

  3. “we should not be too impulsive when acting on community feedback. “

    Couldn’t agree more – we at UserVoice use feedback from our own users to improve our feedback tool, but just because a suggestion is made does not mean we should jump on it.

    Sometimes a user just asks for what they think they want without thinking through the implications of such a suggestion. It’s figuring out what they need, not just what they “want”

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