Power Kiting is the New Renewable Alternative

My Conundrum;  12m Ocean Rodeo Rise Venturi Power Kite  vs.  FE 650 Husaberg Enduro  I love them both but one just strikes such a nice chord in my environmentally conscience brain.  From the previous post on Big Oil,  I can sympathise firsthand the love/hate relationship of the oil industry;  the feeling of 650cc’s in your control as you fly through mountain roads is like non-other on this planet, however  there is “a big hairy ‘but’ lurking around the corner” quoting Hank Moody from Californication (great show), when I have to purchase 97 octane liquid gold in Turkey which just makes me sick,  Think Gas Prices are High? Try $11 in Turkey.  For this reason and many others I have taken up kiteboarding to quite literally free me from the oil industry altogether and get my adrenaline fix by renewable Mother Nature herself.  But the passion is not just the adrenaline, it is the incredible power of kiting that puts me in awe especially when I read about ideas like SkySails  and Generating Power With Kites that make me realize the vast potential of power kites (see video below).    I guess time will tell if power kites will be the new renewable alternative, in the mean time might as well make Life one hell of a ride! 

One Life, Live It



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2 responses to “Power Kiting is the New Renewable Alternative

  1. I need a kite … STAT!

  2. Found a follow up article… SkySails 5x more Efficient than conventional sails… http://www.ecogeek.org/content/view/2015/

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