Uncertainty and the Powerlessness of Oil Consumption

  • reneewarren argues that consumer anger has less to do with the business model of the oil companies than with feelings of uncertainty and powerlessness. She compares buyers’ experience at the supermarket (an industry that was ranked most loved by consumers) to their experience at the pump


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2 responses to “Uncertainty and the Powerlessness of Oil Consumption

  1. Renée

    Thanks for the mention Dave.
    It is interesting to see the angle people approached the survey results. The video game industry, sales people, Pepsi-cola, pharmaceuticals, and the credit card industry were also all thrown into the mix. It would be safe to say that every industry is often loathed, depending on customer experience, or should I say User experience for you techy’s. If filling up at the pump was an exhilarating experience; say you got a free 5 minute massage, all your windows cleaned, and a complimentary coffee, then the cost of gas could be justified for car users. But purchasing gas is merely a means to an end and people cannot afford to fill up anymore, hence the loathing for the Oil industry.

  2. modernmod

    I think if every fill-up was like the Zoolander gas station scene we’d all a lot happier.

    Or we can all switch to propane vehicles…umm….on second thought forget that.

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