Great Advice from Marc Hedlund

Get Rich Slowly, which was recently named the most inspiring money blog by Money magazine posted an article a few days ago guest-authored by Wesabe CEO Marc Hedlund. Wesabe is a web based personal finance community that believes, “we all can help each other make better financial decisions and ultimately take control of our money to reach financial goals.” It’s a hot new startup tearing through the financial sector right and their CEO Marc has had solid advice for anyone starting up a business. I wont go into too much detail as I think everyone should read this one, but his main points are:

  1. Starting a business with friends can be fantastic
  2. Write someone and ask them for help every day
  3. People matter more than anything
  4. Don’t worry about the idea
  5. Take money from other people as an absolute last resort
  6. Know your customers
  7. Have confidence in yourself
  8. Treat people well

Feel free to discuss these in the comments section and read the article found below


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