New Release of Spreed:News Goes Live

It has been about a month since the launch of Spreed:News and we have had some fantastic feedback from our community. Today we released a new version of Spreed:News to the public. The new version has a number of feature updates including:

  • The ability to post articles to twitter
  • The ability to rate an article
  • 10 articles per news sources, instead of just 5
  • A major update to our feed library (i.e. more news sources)
  • And an updated algorithm

This new algorithm is the most exciting development for us. As we continue to grow, the changes to the algorithm will keep expanding to help increase reading efficiency and comprehension. The most recent update to the algorithm introduces: 

  •  New grammar rules
  •  A method for evaluating each sentence with multiple cluster breakdowns. The best cluster is then chosen based on the most uniform cluster length
  • Better recoginition of proper nouns.

We will be constantly updating the application over the next few weeks and will provide a post here on our blog to let everyone know of the developments. We will also be releasing an application for the iTunes App store very shortly and will be rolling back the curtains on another product from Spred Inc. that will be launching in September.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any suggestions, comments or feedback. We are also actively looking for people to demo our new products, so feel free to contact us if you woud like a sneak peak at some of the products in our lab.


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