E-Textbooks May Not Make Economic Sense for Students … or do they???



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3 responses to “E-Textbooks May Not Make Economic Sense for Students … or do they???

  1. Some comments on what you said.

    You did not say if you read the report in question though. The E-Textbooks are not that cheap at all. Printing a good portion of the book can easily wind up being costly in the long run.

    I can agree with you on returning college textbooks and getting less than what you thought you might get back and sometimes getting nothing back as the book gets used for only one semester. With an E-Textbook you get no money back.

    The report says 75% of E-Textbook they looked at have 180 day subscriptions which is not good cost wise if the E-Textbook can be used for more than one semester.

    You do talk about a kindle, but unless they can come out with a color monitor version some college textbooks, like a medical textbook, will not look great on it.

    I suggest a using tablet PC instead.

    E-textbooks are new, but the price of the books need to come down a bunch though before you get more of an adoption.

  2. Harvey Coleman

    Of course the LA Times article is wrong. We all love travelling around in open horse and cart. Ho, hum! However the responsibility for changing the paradigm rests with the electronic publishers who have the muscle. Don’t forget that reading paper books is engrained into our psyche from a very young age sometimes pre-school. The EPs may not invent the shift but they certainly need to keep tabs on the moves forward and support them. While I love books I also recognize that with the information overload that is going on, we have to find better ways to absorb and track the right information. I look forward to reading the LA Times article presented in the right way and with a forward looking solution.

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