Updates to Spreed:News Mobile

We have been very busy here at Spreed getting everything ready for the launch of our next product as well as incorporating all of the fantastic feedback that we have received from our users. We sent out a survey 3 weeks ago now and the response has been fantastic; so thank you!

We released a new version of Spreed:News Mobile. Some of the most notable features are:

-The incorporation of a popular news tab. This will help everyone stay on top of what our users thinks is big news. As this feature becomes more mature we will be adding in the ability to add friends and only see the news they marked as popular.

-The ability to share articles on Facebook.

-The ability to go below 300 wpm. We have received a lot of requests from our mobile users who wish to view the news at lower that 300 wpm. We have added this in for now although we do not recommend this as it reduces the astonishing levels of comprehension achieved when using spreed at speeds higher than 300 wpm.

Thanks are in order, yet again, for our users for making this product so fantastic. You all rock!


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