Building a Community and Apparel Line

Snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding “action sports” were always his passion.

It became very clear to Hanna and his friends that there were no clothing brands that truly reflected the lifestyle of action sports enthusiasts. He saw a market need for apparel to support these activities as well as the culture that goes with it.

From this realization FIGJAM Apparel Inc. was born.

“As an apparel company within the action sports industry, we’ve really chosen to market ourselves around the culture rather than a specific sport like surfing or skateboarding,” Hanna says.

“But we are also a marketing group for amateur athletes who participate in action sports. We support them at every level, because we feel that they are the best representatives of this growing lifestyle.”

An all-Canadian street-wear clothing company and marketing group with offices in Toronto and Vancouver, FIGJAM supplies the hottest street-wear clothing and is dedicated to promoting the culture of action sports.

The FIGJAM team also acts as the premier marketing and public relations group for amateur athletes and events in action sports.

By carefully conducting his market research, Hanna says he was able to carve out a precise niche in the already saturated sporting apparel industry.

“Always do your market research homework to learn your industry better than anyone else,” he advises. “Make yourself an expert in your chosen field.”

Once your business is up and running, Hanna says it’s important to get involved with your industry.

“Network as much as possible, join online groups, attend trade shows, and otherwise look for ways to meet new people,” he recommends.


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