Bank Robber Hires Accomplices on Craigslist

I have heard some wild stories about Craigslist, for example the one that surfaced last year of a man who was looking to get back at his arch rival. He knew his nemesis usually left his house unlocked and decided to post a contents sale on Craigslist telling everyone the guy was getting rid of everything he owned for free, people just had to show up at his house and take what they wanted. The unlucky sod arrived at his house to find people leaving his front door with everything, including the kitchen sink.

This new one however takes the cake. A guy was attracted by a road work job posted on craigslist. He was told to meet outside a bank and was told to wear specific clothing (look like a road worker). He showed up and found a number of other guys all wearing the same clothing, but no road work to be done. Turns out that someone robbed the bank wearing the same clothes and used these suckers as a diversion. Pretty stupid if you ask me, but he seems to have gotten away with it … for now. Dont believe me? Check out the news story here.


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