Palin VS Miss Teen USA South Carolina for Vice President

Before I go into my first post here, I’d like to clarify that despite what the ‘About’ section may say, I do not have money to spend (though I wish I did), nor do I like expensive fashion. Actually I really don’t like expensive fashion. It just so happens (as price is often an indicator of quality, see blog post below) that durability is more often than not going to come at a premium. But anyway there you have it.

Seeing as tonight is the VP debate I’ll be topical. The question I pose to all is who would win the election if Obama’s running mate were Lauren Caitlin Upton, the Miss South Carolina Teen USA from last year’s Miss Teen USA Pagent.

Let’s compare:

1. Both are former Miss USA competitors. However, Upton was only in the Teen competition which isn’t as big a deal as the Miss USA. +1 to Palin.

2. Both have had relative success in their careers. Palin was elected as Mayor of Wasilla and then Governor of Alaska while Upton was accepted into Appalachian State University and recently pledged Kappa Delta Sorority. As impressive as Governor sounds, the population of Alaska is a mere 670,000 so it can’t be that hard to become Governor (actually it’s roughly the same as your odds of being killed by a terrorist attack while visiting a foreign country*…and CNN tells me that happens all the time). +1 to Upton.

3. Both are perfectly capable of speaking complete and utter nonsense when asked relatively simple questions (see videos). Tie.

…Wait no, to be fair, Lauren had to address a huge audience and had no idea what the question would be. Palin on the other hand only had one person to answer and it was pretty obvious the bailout question was on the list. +1 to Upton.

Doing the math, my keen due diligence suggests that Upton would beat out Palin for VP of the United States of America. I therefore conclude that, as a plan B pending the unlikely event that Palin survives tonight’s debate, Obama should drop Biden and pick up Upton to clinch the Presidency.

Good luck tonight Palin…




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2 responses to “Palin VS Miss Teen USA South Carolina for Vice President

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  2. Miss Teen South Carolina answered that question badly, but she’s still got her looks to fall back on…

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