I Wish We Had Vodaphone Here in Canada

I read a very interesting article yesterday about how Vodaphone is releasing a new mobile book strategy. Apparently the guys over a Vodaphone believe the same thing that we do; ebooks, especially ebooks on the mobile, are the way of the future. They have announced a partnership with a company called GoSpoken. The team over at GoSpoken have have signed on a number of major publishers including Penguin, Random House and HarperCollins to distribute their content in a mobile optimized format. Vodaphone obviously saw this as a major opportunity to add yet another revenue stream to their service offerings, however their foresight is to be commended. Imagine never having to take another book with you on vacation and when your done the book you are reaing, no more annoying trips to the book store, simply point your browser to the Vodaphone distribution site and you will have a new “paper back” to read in seconds. A serious tip of the hat to both Vodaphone and Go


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