And this is why Dion shouldn’t, won’t and never will be Prime Minister

A friend of mine called Mark McKay shared this video with me today. I dont really even need to say anything else … watch the video, especially if you are Canadian!

Yes the question could have been more direct and less ambigious. however there is no way this man should be running our country at a time like this. None of the leaders inspire me to vote based on their qualities, but Dion has definitely inspired me to vote based on his serious lack of qualities.


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  1. Sulemaan

    Admittedly, Stephane Dion does not look good in this taping but I think a few things need to be considered regardless of your political stripes:

    (1) Dion has a hearing problem. Now a hearing disability may be an excuse to some but it was not mentioned in the CTV clip at all. Balance is a hallmark of journalism.

    (2) “Initially we indicated this would not be broadcast but on reflection we thought we owed it to you to show everything that happened.” (Or something to that effect at 0:51.) Huh?

    If something is supposed to be off the record then it should be off the record. Trust between an interviewee and journalist is sacred. CTV reneged on their word and they can window-dress all the like. They didn’t do it in the interests of their viewers but in the interest of ratings. They knew controversy would ensue a few days before a federal election. Think about it. Who ever heard of ATV Halifax before this interview? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? (I say this as someone who lived and grew-up in Halifax for years.)

    (3) It’s no state secret that Stephane Dion’s English is not as strong as that other party leaders. Fair point.

    However what if the situation was reversed and Prime Minister Harper/Jack Layton/Elizabeth May were interviewed in French by Societe Radio Canada – the interviewee had problems understanding french questions – SRC agree to restarted the interview and then SRC broadcast the interview in its entirety with mistakes despite promises not to do so to said political parties.

    Hmm, I wonder what would happen? The other party supporters would be crying blue murder and rightly so. The Parti Quebecois are in a fierce battle in various federal ridings in Quebec with the Liberals. PQ Leader Duceppe unequivocally denounced the interview and the Harper criticism of Dion. Call it politics but Duceppe spoke out in defence of a key opponent.

    (4) I’m by no means a media expert but I lived in a household where my old man was in Canadian television/radio for 35 years. So enough knowledge to be dangerous you could say. However, I do know lots of tape ends up on the cutting room floor so the media can get in proper sound bites in an era where viewers have dwindling attention spans. With the right kind of editing anyone can look like a genius and without it anyone can look foolish. If the same treatment of out-takes by other party leaders was shown during the campaign then fine otherwise it’s not fair/balanced reporting.

    (5) What bothers me about this whole situation is that other leaders said this interview was an indication Dion was unprepared to lead to Canada. Almost like they were mocking his inability to understand contorted questions in English. I certainly hope they weren’t making fun of Dion’s physical disabilities although those kind of tactics have been done before in past elections.

    (6) I make these comments in an apolitical manner. I’ve voted Conservative, Liberal and NDP in the past. I have my own political beliefs but I just want to ensure that our electoral process does not become the farce and polarizer that is currently occurring south of the border. We are above that and I caution anyone making voting decisions based solely on 4 minute YouTube clip.

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