Spreed Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting!

The summer is coming to a close, but the Spreed team is more excited than ever. All your feedback has been phenomenal! Without you, our dedicated users, we could not make this application as good as it is today. Our Spreed team is hard at work on a number of new items based on your requests. When we first released Spreed we had the intention of only promoting it as a mobile application. However, we keep hearing that you like the interface so much that you want to see a similar look and feel on your desktop. In response to this we have completely overhauled our website and desktop application. This new and much improved site can be found at the same URL www.spreednews.com and we will be making updates to it constantly for the next while.

In addition we are very happy to announce the beta launch of Spreed:Docs. This exciting new product uses the same Spreed Reader as our news service does, however you can now upload your own documents. Spreed:Docs will be launching as a limited beta in the next couple of weeks. We have 100 invites to give out. If you want early access please click here and fill in the application form. Once Spreed:Docs goes fully live to the public all users of Spreed:News will also have an account at Spreed:Docs with the same login information.

This is a very exciting new product for us as we have proven the validity of our software using news as the primary content and are now opening up the service to handle any Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file you wish to upload. If you have vast amounts of information to get through on a daily or weekly basis simply upload your documents into the Spreed:Docs document center and you will be able to blast through all of it in not time. Got a big essay to write this month or need to catch up on an industry over the weekend? You will have no problem getting through all your research with higher comprehension than ever before.

We cannot wait to begin building out even more functionality on both of these properties and look forward to hearing all of your ideas and suggestions for how we can make them even better than they are today. Please feel free to email me personally at Dave@Spreedinc.com if you have any feedback. And follow us on twitter and facebook for regular updates and interesting news on the digital publishing industry at:



Once again thank you and congratulations for being part of what Laptop Magazine is calling one of the best web applications of 2008.

Happy Spreeding,

Dave Coleman and the Spreed Team


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