LifeHacker Also Suggests Spreed

Lifehacker also picked up on the Wired Magazine article today and wrote their own post all about Spreed:News. A lot of these sites see Spreed as a way to practice Speed reading. Once we release Spreed:Docs to the public and let you all speed reading your own doucments we are hoping to move away from this notion. Spreed:Docs will be a great way to get through all of those documents you have piled up on your desk or PC, but in a fraction of the time. See the full text of the article below.

Spreed Teaches You To Speed-Read The News: LifeHacker

Free speed-reading webapp Spreed:News lets you choose from a wide array of news sources and have their articles read to you in small clusters of words. Working from the principles that make for faster reading, you can scale the tool between 240 and 1500 words per minute, and set up an account to save your favorite sources—from Boing Boing to the New York Times and dozens more—for quick browsing. Spreed offers a tally of the seconds you’ve saved from word-by-word reading, and offers an iPhone-optimized interface for speed reading while on commutes or trips. Spreed is free to use, requires a sign-up to save your feeds.


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