Dan Woods from O'Reilly Media Truly is a Digital Driver

Dan Woods, who is the Associate Publisher for O’Reilly’s Media Makers Division was just recently interviewed by the Magazine Publishers Association. O’Reilly is one of those forward thinking publishing houses who really understands the digital space and is not afraid to take risks here and there for the sake of innovation. 

Dan talks about how Make and Craft magazines were among the first available on the iPhone editions via Texterity which is an iPhone based Magazine distribution service. Dan states that, “We like trying different things. About 80 percent of our total circulation signups come through all the online marketing that we do.”

With print publications fighting to stay relevant amongst a mass of declining circulation numbers, it is fantastic to see someone actually increasing circulation by embracing the digital world. Read the full interview below:

Dan Wood, Associate Publisher, O’Reilly Media: Magazine Publishers Association, Digital Driver Edition

Q. Looking ahead, what would you say are your top priorities?

A. Our next big thing is how to get our events localized and bring our brands to local communities in, say, Seattle oith that already. Online traffic is strong for our store, Maker Shed where we sell kits and projects. Traffic really builds there in the November-December holiday season. For the last three months, traffic has been up an average of 45 percent versus the previous year. A few weeks ago, the store moved to its own dedicated server to handle more traffic.r Austin.  And our ability to integrate e-commerce and retail with magazines. We’ve had enormous success w


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