The Car-plane has arrived!

I found myself scrolling down Perez Hilton’s website earlier.  I don’t know why.  To be honest, it’s pretty lame.  But People love this crap.  I found myself slightly hypnotized by the Headline of the Week Weak.  It’s about a flying car. 

Although the idea of having flying cars is surely not new, it was only a matter of time before we actually saw a concept come to life.   The Terrafugia Transition, part car, part airplane is expected to ‘land’ itself in showrooms within the next 18 months.  The 2 seater automobile can transform itself into a plane in 15 seconds.  A perfect way to avoid traffic!! 

The car manufacturer, Terrafugia, claims it will be able to fly up to 500 miles on a single tank of gas at a cruising speed of 115mph. However, it most recently has only been tested on roads at up to 90mph.

With a $200,000 price tag I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tom Cruise flying around his daughter, Suri in the next few years.

With all this awesomeness, there is surely bound to be a set back, including Insurance and take-off and landing areas.  Alaska, currently legally allows for landing on roads, but L.A.’s super highways don’t.     

I can’t say that I am too optimistic about the public’s adoption of such vehicles. But I can say that it is a great idea.  I am sure it will weasel itself into the next Dr. Seuss blockbuster soon enough.



The Terrafugia Transition

The Terrafugia Transition


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