Five Advantages of Mobile Marketing Over Online

An interesting opinion piece popped up on Mobile Marketer today talking about the advantages of mobile marketing over online marketing. Mobile marketing has been touted as one of the most powerful new forms of engagement for some time now. Its ability to target the right users with highly interactive content at the right time makes it a perfect playground for marketers looking to sell their products and grow their brands. Frank Powell, outlines in this article the five reasons why he thinks mobile marketing has a leg up on online advertising. I wont go into detail here as I think its quite a strong article and worthy of a read, but his five main reasons are:

  1. Omnipresence – Most mobile phone users are within an arm’s reach of their devices over 90 percent of waking hours, including times when other media are not available.
  2. Reduced targeting errors and improved data management – In comparison to other personalized messaging channels, having a unique ID – phone number – will dramatically improve CRM integrity for marketers who have historically relied on inexact transaction linking techniques
  3. Improved time relevance – The always-on and always-aware nature of mobile devices provides more timely communications than any other channel.
  4. Location awareness – Knowing someone’s geographic location can be critical to engaging in a relevant conversation with them.
  5. Increased intimacy with the device and via the device – Sharing of mobile devices is not unheard of, but is less common than sharing of personal computers.

These are great points and Frank goes into much greater deal in his article. Check it out below:

Five Advantages of Mobile Marketing Over Online

As marketers engage customers on their mobile devices, it is important that they focus on the five advantages that mobile marketing has over traditional Web marketing. These advantages enable marketers to “hold conversations with fans,” but can also create relationship hazards if not addressed properly.

When mobile marketers focus on these five advantages, they can provide the most value to their customers and engage at the deepest levels.


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