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Yahoo’s Secret Layoff Double Speak Revealed

So I found this link yesterday thanks to twitter and couldn’t help sharing it with all of you out there. The only reason we all have a copy of this right now is because Yahoo has been firing people like mad. Given the inter-connectedness now of tech communities around the world, it has been very easy to pick up on some rather confidential documentation that has been swirling around as people get layed off. A great example of this documentation is Yahoo’s firing policy. This is one for the books. Take a look at the link below:

Yahoo’s Secret Layoff Double Speak Revealed: Valleywag

Yahoo isn’t firing people en masse — it’s “getting fit.” That noisome euphemism for today’s layoffs of 1,500 people must have hissed forth from the brain of some overpaid management consultant. Likewise for pages upon pages of instructions on how to sack employees — which Valleywag has obtained.


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Y Combinator is Dead

Here is a really interesting post I found today about what this author calls the so called ‘death’ of the Y-Combinator model. For those of you that do not know what Y-combinator is, it’s a start up incubator that basically takes good ideas with strong passionate teams, gives them a bit of money to build a prototype so they can then go out and raise a real round. However, this author thinks that this model is no longer valid and gives some rather … interesting suggestions. Read more at the link below

Y-Combinator is Dead: James Siminoff

Sadly, and I truly mean that, I believe that the Y Combinator model is dead.  The idea that you can put something out there on the cheap, get traction and then raise a quick “real” round no longer seems to be valid.  While there will always be exceptions to this rule, from what I can see the market for these companies to the VC’s is mostly dead.


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Will VC’s and Startups Be Immune to the Credit Crunch???

Given the financial turmoil that is hitting international markets (especially the US), it is not surprising that Techcrunch posted and article delving into the issue of venture capital in this tumultuous time. I agree with the majority of the article, except I think that there is another angle in play.

The general market turmoil caused by the credit crunch is certainly going to reduce the number of wealthy investors that are throwing money into VC funds. However, at the same time we are witnessing a sharp shift in the perception of risk associated with hedge funds and other leveraged investing strategies. As investors withdraw their money from those funds there is definitely the potential that some of that money will in turn flow into venture funds that are now perceived as slightly less risky than before, on a comparison basis.

The article is definitely worth a read. Check it out below and leave your comments here.




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