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ABC To Audit Newspapers On Mobile

MediaPost submitted an interesting article last Friday regarding the Audit Bureau of Circulation and their decision to include mobile page views into their new data points for newspaper readership. For those who do not know the ABC measures the readership of newspapers both offline and online. The inclusion of mobile readership into these numbers bodes well for the growing importance of mobile in the daily newspaper distribution mix. We at Spreed are very excited about this and knew that it was about time. Clients of ours like Metro Canada are seeing mobile readership that is about to surpass their website traffic and these figures need to be included in any audit of their success. Read more about this decision below:

ABC To Audit Newspapers On Mobile

Acknowledging the growing number of readers who interact with newspaper content via mobile devices, the Audit Bureau of Circulations said its interactive unit, ABCi, is set to begin measuring newspapers’ mobile audiences, including readership on e-readers, through mobile Web browsers, and through free and paid apps on smartphones and Apple’s new iPad.


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