Dave has been involved in the successful promotion and operation of a number of start-up companies over the past five years. He is currently the Director of Marketing for Spreed Inc, a leader in the development of mobile strategies for large media organizations. He has helped successfully launch and develop marketing strategies for Brainpark.com, Netus as well as CommunityLend, Canada’s first online peer to peer lending portal. In his early years Dave worked alongside Global Advantage Consulting, helping define innovation and commercialization strategies for private and public sector entities including the Canadian Federal Government and the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing. Dave also volunteers his spare time, leading the web strategy for the World Wide Web Foundation, a not-for-profit organization focused on proliferating the internet in the developing world and also runs a monthly event called GenYTO focused on building Toronto’s young knowledge based economy. He has a love for everything social; both online and offline, but would rather be jumping out of a plane than sitting behind a desk. Dave has an Honours degree from Queen’s University in Political Science with a focus on International Relations.


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  1. Is that a beer blizzard?

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