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Basically describes my thoughts on the meaning and purpose of religion…

Check out the 2008 TED Prize Wish:


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How I Caught Up with Dad

By Davy Rothbart

I think this article works on many levels, really makes you think about who and what is important in life…

His father had put on 50 pounds since retiring. So the writer issued a challenge: Walk together, an hour a day, for 1 month straight. He was trying to save his father’s life. Turns out, he changed his own.

For the full story, go to

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The Inverted Pint Glass Goes Mobile

I found a very cool new service today called Mofuse that takes any blog or rss based content and creates a mobile optimized site for both the iPhone and Blackberry. On that notes, The Inverted Pint Glass can now be read by either of the above mobile devices at the following link:


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How to Get Through Life 101 to 448 (If only it exsisted…)

I came across this article on, “8 Essential Skills They Didn’t Teach you in School” and I feel that readers and contributors to this blog will be able to add valuable skills of their own they think should be on the list or further links to the 8 topics… but that is because I assume everyone reading this blog is smarter than the average bear 🙂

  1. How to make people like you and network
  2. How to speed read ( and the power of audio books
  3. How to set goals and manage time
  4. How to read a financial statement
  5. How to negotiate, read contracts and not get taken advantage of
  6. How to save and invest
  7. How to be sucessful in life
  8. How to spread an idea and basic marketing


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Power Kiting is the New Renewable Alternative

My Conundrum;  12m Ocean Rodeo Rise Venturi Power Kite  vs.  FE 650 Husaberg Enduro  I love them both but one just strikes such a nice chord in my environmentally conscience brain.  From the previous post on Big Oil,  I can sympathise firsthand the love/hate relationship of the oil industry;  the feeling of 650cc’s in your control as you fly through mountain roads is like non-other on this planet, however  there is “a big hairy ‘but’ lurking around the corner” quoting Hank Moody from Californication (great show), when I have to purchase 97 octane liquid gold in Turkey which just makes me sick,  Think Gas Prices are High? Try $11 in Turkey.  For this reason and many others I have taken up kiteboarding to quite literally free me from the oil industry altogether and get my adrenaline fix by renewable Mother Nature herself.  But the passion is not just the adrenaline, it is the incredible power of kiting that puts me in awe especially when I read about ideas like SkySails  and Generating Power With Kites that make me realize the vast potential of power kites (see video below).    I guess time will tell if power kites will be the new renewable alternative, in the mean time might as well make Life one hell of a ride! 

One Life, Live It


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This makes no sense

Why don’t I write a blog? People keep asking me that question and I have more recently been asking myself the same question. I usually answer myself and most other people that I already post my thoughts and comments on facebook, YouTube, twitter and flickr, where my friends eyeballs are already directed. And, I am not a huge fan of big random blog rants. Some could call me more of a traditionalist in that I like to find very ineresting links, documents and unique correspondeces and simply share them with my friends with maybe a couple of lines outlining my personal take on the subject.

So why am I starting a blog now? Well I have a passion for entrepreneurship, trend hunting, consumer behaviour, online business practices, innovation and all things ‘awesome’. My personal network has enjoyed some of what I have shared with them and I am now going to see who else is willing to listen and interact.

My background: I am a young and enthusiastic web entrepreneur. I have worked with a number of startups here in toronto and am always on the go looking for the next big Idea. My passion is commercialization and innovation, especially when it has to do with technology and pop culture.


As the weeks turn into months and months into years, I will be adding more contributors to the blog. My goal is to keep it along the lines of entrepreneurship, trend hunting, online business practices, consumer behaviour, innovation and ‘awesomeness’, however I plan to bring in contributors from a variety of industries. All of the contributers will be under 30, highly involved in their industry and will all be out of the box thinkers.

I hope you enjoy the read

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